So this was my second time around doing a shoot for Playboy. I had the honor of shooting with the world known, Steven Wayda. This was an on location shoot in Malibu, in a mansion with a beach front view. Usually, Playboy does photo shoots in studio. But I got lucky to shoot this editorial in the same location as Rihanna for the cover of Vogue. I was seriously so excited and honored to be shooting in the same exact spot as the beautiful, Rihanna. I mean, I was like, “Oh my God, Rihanna’s arm and hands were touching this same exact glass fence! I’m so honored.” I was thinking that this was the closest I ever came into contact with Rihanna. Other than the fact I shot in the same location as Rihanna, my shoot came out not to shabby either. Check it out. jennie reid cyber girl of the month malibu