For all of you Star Wars fans, here’s a little sneak peek of me dressed up as Rey. I would have much rather dressed up as Yoda, because he is my favorite, but I guess we don’t look alike. But I did have a Yoda beanie for snowboarding! Since, I didn’t have a light saber, we put a knife in place. So, the visual effects will show me holding a light saber. Now, that’s pretty damn cool, I say!!! Well, here and enjoy some behind the scenes photos of my shoot with photographer, Raffael Dickreuter.Jennie Reid - Star Wars "Rey" Photo Shoot

Jennie Reid - Star Wars "Rey" Photo Shoot

Photographers: Raffael Dickreuter, ModSession

star wars rey photoshoot cosplay

And….here’s the edited version after the photo shoot. Raffael certainly did an amazing job editing me with the light saber to make it look as cinematic as possible! Thank you again!