A good friend of mine invited me to a White Party not to long ago. She hasn’t been out to an event in so long because of motherhood. I remember back in the day, we were inseparable . We finally get a girls day out. This was a fancy place in the Beverly Hills estates. Once we pull up, there was the car valet awaiting us with a silver tray of two glasses of Rose. Lucky us, since the walk in our high heels were so tortuous, we got a golf cart ride to the main event. There was a Tennis Ball charity, along with live band music, and professional dancer entertainment. The best part was the dinner banquet. There was so much crab claws, lobster claws, lobster tails, mussels, clams, sushi, prime rib, along with the usual chicken and veggies. It was literally a seafood lovers dream. The table setting was so elegant, with the white roses and gold utensils. It was such a beautiful dinner charity banquet.